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Aug 11, 2021

The Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji is now very discreet. We can’t hear him anymore. And for good reason, since the opening of the special criminal court’s investigation into the management of COVID funds, Atanga Nji has been stunned.

Indeed, TCS investigators indicate that of all the cases, those of Paul Atanga Nji were the toughest. It was seriously cooked. Regularly sowing poses. While wiping the drops of sweat from his forehead.

The case which is central to the disappearance of Paul Atanga Nji is the sale of the tests he received free of charge to the government for an amount of 288 million CFA francs.

Indeed, in May 2020. In the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic. Screening tests were rare on the world market.

With his usual ardor, the Minister of Territorial Administration Atanga Nji handed over 5,000 Q-NCOV-OIG reference screening tests to the Minister of Public Health as part of the “Special Gift of the Head of State”.

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As a member of the government, Paul Atanga Nji is well aware of the supply difficulties his country has in procuring tests. He has a surreal idea. He therefore decides to sell to the Ministry of Public Health, a few days later, 15,000 tests. For a total amount of 288,000,000 FCFA, i.e. a cost price of 19,200 FCFA per test. Let’s continue.

This payment representing, according to the document signed on May 11, 2020 from the hands of the Secretary of State, Alim Hayatou and intended for the head of the agency of BGFI-BANK Yaoundé where a COVID-19 account is housed, “the expenses incurred by the beneficiary , for the purchase of fifteen thousand (15,000) rapid screening tests for Covid-19 ”.

The case does not end there. It sparked an uproar within the government. Prime Minister Dion Ngute, informed of the deception of his best enemy Atanga Nji, orders him to immediately return the taxpayer’s money.

What is done on June 02, 2020, proof that the operation was a gigantic hoax. The money is therefore returned to the COVID-19 account at BGFI-Yaounde.

Atanga Nji does not give way. He went down to the Presidency of the Republic to meet his friend and two days later, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh (the man with the punk) ordered the Minister of Finance, Louis Paul Motaze to pay him 288,000,000 FCFA under “Operations of risposte against COVID-19 ”.

It was mainly on this scandal that he was auditioned. Added to this is the management of Paul Biya’s donations and his ministry funds. Since then, Paul Atanga Nji has lost sleep. This former prisoner is afraid to return to his old house.