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Poor artist booking pricing in Cameroon Who is at fault?

Aug 6, 2019

Recently 237showbiz.com published an article relating to one of the biggest organized shows in Cameroon in 2019. The shows that were organized by Johnie Music and whiskey in the Economic and political capitals of Cameroonon the 18th and 20th April respectively. It saw the participation of Nigerian Tekno, Cameroon Mboko god, (Jovi), Minks< Ko-c and Shura. According to 237Showbiz, Tekno was booked $110.000 Estimated at 64.570.000XAF. This follows Tekno’s interview on one of the most controversial tv presenter in Nigeria Daddy Freeze’s tv show. According to 237showbiz (though we can not confidentially confirm,) Jovi was paid 2.000.000FCFA per show foe the two shows, Minks and Ko-c took home 1.500.000Fcfa each While shura earned 500.000fcfa. following this Poor artist booking pricing….

Johnie music concert in Cameroon

many stakeholders of the Cameroon music industry have been making a series of outings sharing their own view. we will try to see a few of these outings. Maahlox le vibre wrote:

Maahlox le Vibre.


They gave 65 million CFA francs that they siphoned into the pockets of Cameroonians in Tekno but they are unable to give 2 million CFA an unfortunate 2 million to urban artists of our country for the same concert. I wonder if these companies even realize that it is the Cameroonians who consume their products every day and that the fact that money remains in the pockets of Cameroonians allows the local economy to turn and our businesses to prosper. whereas when we give these colossal sums to foreigners to go and invest in them, it is in fact we who finance their industry to the detriment of ours. Stop enriching the foreigners with our money yes I say and I repeat it is with the money of the Cameroonians that you finance and devolve the music industry abroad. A foreign artist has already invested how much money in Cameroon? While they make huge investments in their country with the money they come here to take our money you have spent the time siphoning out of our pockets to repay them on the pretext that they are better than us. If they have more villa than car companies at home as you like so much remember it’s just for one reason it’s just because it’s you who are funding their development with our money. They never invite us to their homes and even if they do, they pay us badly for one and the only reason they do not want to be the milk cow that will feed the development of our industry so that we can never compete with them and  (translated)

Most of these outings have criticized bitterly what they term gross exploitation from big companies and the fact that they pay foreign artists more than home artists in their country. Other stakeholders such as Mc Charlene, Numerica, Franko have equally made their voices heard. According to Mc Charlene, Cameroonians lack business skills and at such should not blame these companies. According to her, we should first seek to know why Jovi was paid less and Tekno more.

Franco The coller la petite crooner couldn’t keep his own mouth shut. According to him, Cameroonian music stakeholders need to come together and set standard pricing. stating that If they set a price and stick to it, Organisers will have no other option than to pay.

The big question qt this point is, Who is at fault? is it the managers of Cameroon musicians who lack negotiation skills, or the inability of these companies to pay the required prices. who should step in and solve the problem? what should artists do? what should the government do about this? please leave your views in the comment box below

worthy of note is the fact that most of these foreign artists come to Cameroon take huge sums of money and leave Cameroon without even a social media post, location post nor even one tweet.