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Qatar 2022: Guardiola looks back on the Algeria-Cameroon clash, “Mahrez is sad … he will not go to the World Cup”

Apr 4, 2022

Present at a press conference following Manchester City’s victory over Burnley (0-2), Pep Guardiola spoke about the state of mind of his player Riyad Mahrez, who is returning to the SkyBlues after the disappointment against Cameroon.

He said it, the captain of the Greens, like any Algerian, feels devastated after the elimination of the Greens against the Indomitable Lions. Mahrez still can not recover from the last failure of the Algerian selection and it is his club coach who also confirms it. “Riyad Mahrez is sad because he will not go to the World Cup with Algeria. You score in the 118th minute then in the 124th you concede a goal and you are eliminated. There is no explanation for that. It’s football, ”he admits.

He continues: “These are emotions, it’s a lot of things, there is no downtime like in basketball, or in tennis where you can sit down and think after two sets. It’s football, how many times you outperform your opponent and you lose! »