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Read ENAM Common law applicants’ open letter to President Paul Biya

Read ENAM Common law applicants' open letter to President Paul Biya

His Excellency and Patriotic People of Cameroon, it is in all humility and sore-heart that your COMMON LAW CHILDREN seise your high office today with this hearty appeal. His Excellency, you are reputed to be a personality with high pedigree in the quest of justice, neutrality, impartiality and above all an admirer and promoter of hard work, merit, and efficiency in order to make Cameroon a great nation, with competent personnel at the service of its public, especially in the domain of the administration of justice.

Sir, THE PRIME MINISTER, HEAD OF GOVERNMENT in PURSUANT of the Aspirations of THE HEAD OF STATE PRESIDENT PAUL BIYA on the 18th day of the month of September 2019 authorized a special intake of an additional number of 119 candidates into ENAM. A decision that was made public by the MINISTER OF PUBLIC SERVICE AND ADMINISTRATIVE REFORMS in a press communication number D1/22/385/ MINFOPRA/SG/DDRHE. Yet no candidate of the Common Law special recruitment of Magistrates and Court Registrars was added to or absorbed in the list. Not even those on the Waiting list.

It is worthy to bring to your Excellency’s notice that even the candidates that did not feature on the waiting lists of the respective REGULAR ENAM were added and admitted into EMAN following the authorization of the PRIME MINISTER. It is sad to witness that ONLY THE COMMON LAW CANDIDATES were LEFT OUT especially at a time when we are preparing and consulting for the purpose of a long-awaited and ANNOUNCED NATIONAL DIALOGUE BY THE HEAD OF STATE PRESIDENT PAUL BIYA.
Beyond reasonable doubt YOUR EXCELLENCY, WE cry FOUL. Sir, we are the deserving candidates who merit a position in the main list, had the results been published in due meritocracy as you have always professed.

This conviction is due to our impeccable and distinct performance during both the written and oral phases of the Examination. “Daddy,” please permit us to call you as such, We, your children know and are convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that WE earn a place in your heart to be included amongst those successful candidates. Although we are poor and lack both in influence and affluence, Your Excellency is our guardian, Who else to turn to, if not You? We, your COMMON LAW Children are proud patriotic Cameroonian with passion, dream, and soul engulfed in the service of our people in this our beautiful nation that we hold so dear to our hearts despite the difficult moments and tubulations we are going through.

We SEIZE your good office to help review and redress what We are deeply convinced to be injustice and breach of a value that you hold so dear to your heart in the discharge of Your public service function. Such blatant injustice can only be done against your vigilance, that must have been so tactfully averted by its perpetrators as the case may be. This is the rationale of Our appeal to you to denounce that We Feel cheated and robbed of Your MERCY and BENEVOLENCE.

Thanks for your keen attention towards our appeal to your good office,
Your Desolate common law children
Please help spread this to reach the President, the PM, the Minfopra and all the patriotic people of Cameroon.”

Read: https://factstv.cm/president-paul-biyas-speach-september-10-2019/