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Reasons, why some 237 female artists didn’t show up at Askia’s get the bag concert

Dec 3, 2019
Reasons, why some 237 female artists didn't show up at Askia's get the bag concert

The first-ever all Female concert in Cameroon has come and gone, Recording a giant success. Organised by Askia and her team on the 30th November at Lycee Polyvalent Bonaberi, the concert saw the participation of many Cameroon female Artists Such as Askia herself, Meshi, Keezy, Chindo. just to name but a few. some male artists such as Blaise B, Big G Baba and Askia’s Former boss Salatiel were there to support our ladies

Worthy of note is the fact that there were other concerts in town Such as The UBA free concert staring some bigger names in the industry and The Douala music festival headlined by Jovi ( the biggest rapper in the country). so to imagine that Askia and her team still pulled a good ‘foule’ to their concert, they deserve a hand of applause.

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As life will always be, such an event can never be complete without a darker side of it.

Music lovers frowned at the fact that some female artists didn’t show up especially Gash who had been seen on several occasions with Askia During the preparatory phase of the event. According to some people, Gasha on that day was busy flexing with Toki Lala (who is currently not in good terms with Askia) and uploading their lifestyle on their Instagram stories.

Coming out to clarify her fans, Askia made a series of points stating out the reasons some girls did not show up at the concert. She wrote

MIHNEY: My label says i cant be a part of any shows till after my next release

LOR: the guys I’m working with have been against me participating and they are the ones paying my bills so i have no choice

MEAGAN: My kinda people can’t come to a place like that(Change location🙄?) Tino is disrespectful, I can’t work with Tino. Ma I will come but I can’t perform but please pay for my manager’s hotel room cuz I can’t come alone. I will take care of myself

MEL B: I will come on the day of the concert and perform. (Didn’t pick my last calls ,didnt show up prolly bcuz she was busy.

GASHA: Disrespected by upcoming artist(Meagan). Angry that Tinos P.A called her to come get her own tickets. tickets she said she wanted to sell to her fans to make her own small money. she said and i quote ” So according to you ,you are doing me a favor right. U pity me right🤦🏻‍♀️?” I didnt like how Gasha was doing and how quiet her career was so i mentioned this while i was in Lalas house and now she is mad i felt pity for her. (Only God knows what she was told and how) Watch Gasha’s complain here

MONTESS: Called Tino on the day of the show asking where the show will hold after sharing flyer on her IG promising yo be there Tino got upset,she showed up and Tino got even angrier bcuz she didnt attend a single rehearsal and her songs were not in the program but on a flash she brought. I dunno what happened next but she left

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