• Wed. Mar 29th, 2023

Romain Molina – Cameroonian government allegedly paying influencers to cover up controversies during AFCON

Jan 22, 2022

Romain Molina, a French soccer journalist has accused the Cameroon government of paying influencers to cover up controversies during AFCON. He equally argues that covid results for teams facing the indomitable lions of Cameroon are fake.

This is his argument

It’s so shameful the Covid tests for the CAN, it reminds us of what Sierra Leone did with Benin in qualifying.. For example, Tunisia, very affected from the beginning, called on an external laboratory, and oh surprise there were only two positive players. 12 positive cases for Comoros before playing Cameroon, that’s good. But everything is fine, the Cameroonian government INVITES and PAYS “influencers” to say that everything is fine, that everything is magnificent. People will be delighted to know where the country’s money is going for this AFCON

The Cameroonian government was seeking to invite journalists and/or European influencers in particular. A lot of contracts have been spun for people to say good things about the organization (and I have the papers) Great football country, but 24-hour lobbying, it’s going to be a while For the skeptics. Afterwards, it’s a great classic for each international competition, Brazil, France or Russia have done the same, and that’s why you have to be vigilant when you’re told that everything is fine…