Sadi's little brother dies for lack of oxygen in a hospital in Yaoundé

Cameroon – Minister Sadi’s little brother dies for lack of oxygen in a hospital in Yaoundé

The Minister of Communication and spokesperson for the Cameroonian government in mourning.

Alphonse Sadi his younger brother died in Yaounde on Thursday, May 21, 2020, in conditions that are said to be disturbing. Everything that put Minister René Emmanuel Sadi in black anger against this Protestant hospital.

According to our information, Alphonse Sadi arrived in this hospital, with slight respiratory problems. The medical staff reassured the prestigious family of the availability of oxygen.

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A lie according to our sources. “It was not the case, however. Djoungolo Hospital lied to the Sadi family about the availability of oxygen. And the family has been reassured, and is distributed, leaving the patient, ”said a witness who experienced the scene. Sources told that without testing, the hospital concluded that there was a Coronavirus infection.

Alphonse Sadi finally died this Thursday, following his respiratory complications. Entered in a great anger, his big brother, the minister René Emmanuel Sadi, demanded tests of Covid- 19. Tests which according to the sources introduced, will turn out to be negative.

Of Muslim faith, the body of Alphonse Sadi was not kept in the mortuary but was directly taken for burial in his native village by Yoko in the Mbam and Kim Division of the Center region.

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