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Salatiel dedicates his medal to victims of the senseless violence in the Northwest and Southwest of Cameroon.

Nov 28, 2020

Some Cameroonian artists and stakeholders under Cameroon’s ministry of arts and culture received the Honorary Medal from the Ministry of Arts for his outstanding contribution to the development of urban music in Cameroon.

Stanley Enow, Mr Leo, wax Dey Salatiel amongst others benefited from the ministerial recognition.

So many fans are of the opinion that this move from the government is aimed at diverting the attention of Anglophones from the #endanglophonecrisis struggle.

Alpha beta records boss Salatiel dedicated his own medal to the victims of the anglophone Chris. She wrote on his timeline……

Dear Fans, Friends & Family,

It is an honor and a privilege for me to be writing this post today, to thank the Ministry of Arts & Culture for recognizing all the work we have put in over the years. To you my fans and my team, this is our reward.

As I accept this medal, I want to shed some light on the troubles artists have been facing over the past years. We cannot disregard the issues of authors’ rights or royalty payment system. In addition, we must look at the working conditions we are obliged to evolve in and most especially, the ongoing Anglophone crisis.

This, is the perfect opportunity to address the pressing issues artists are facing, some of which we continue to complain about and others we live with, that continue to limit our work as creatives. Furthermore, these issues hamper the opportunities for younger artists seeking to reach greater heights like I have steadily done over my career. This crisis, the question of royalties and music quota plays affects us personally, has an impact on our families & friends and essentially weighs us down impeding us from raising our standards as artists locally & internationally.

I dedicate this medal to the victims of senseless violence and continued fighting in the Anglophone regions. While I would have loved to personally collect the award and address the issues on the spot, personal circumstances did not allow me to be present at the moment.

Let us stand together to fight for our rights and think of the innocent souls lost.

Thanks to everyone for supporting me throughout my career and congratulations to us.

Congratulations to all who got this elevation and thanks to the people who put this ceremony together.

Much love