• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Salatiel vs Mtn Cameroon. what actually happened?

At the time when Cameroonian artists are still settling the pain of learning that Tekno (a Nigerian artist) on a concert in Cameroon was paid over 65millions Fcfa as against only two million to Jovi, and even less for Ko-c, Minks, and shura.

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Alpha-beta Records CEO Salatiel is no longer holding it with MTN Cameroon as the said corporation as we learned is owing him money for over five years now. Based on our findings, Salatiel’s first Hit song FAP KOLO, was sponsored by MTN Cameroon since Salatiel was the winner of the first edition of MTN MAKE THE MUSIC 2014. A competition the was organized by MTN Cameroon.

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All went well in 2014 as Salatiel did a lot of shows with MTN Cameroon across the national triangle.

watch MTN Cameroon visit Salatiel’s studio in Buea below

MTN Cameroon visits Livenja Besong (Salatiel in his studio in Buea

Salatiel did a series of shows with MTN Cameroon in Ebolowa, Douala, and many other cities around the country. Even Fap kolo was published on MTN Cameroon’s official youtube page and now counts more than 801,129 views. considering the fact that at this point in 2014 MTN Cameroon was trying all possible ways to gain customers, considering the fact that most of these shows recorded massive turnouts, we can confidentially say that Salatiel fetched a good number of customers for MTN Cameroon consequently, He increased MTN’s turnover.

So what really went wrong?

All have been well until a series of months back, Salatiel took to his social media platforms to sound a warning to his FAP KOLO sponsors. He later deleted the post that his fans thought the issue was settled not until today that he repeated his words read Salatiels post below

We can not confidently tell how much MTN Cameroon is owing to him, but we can say without gainsaying that its a huge sum of money.

Salatiel vs Mtn Cameroon

Salatiel vs Mtn Cameroon