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Samuel Eto’o refuses to sit next to Joseph Antoine Bell!

Jan 19, 2020
Samuel Eto’o refuses to sit next to Joseph Antoine Bell!

Obviously, our former two indomitable lions Samuel Eto’o and Antoine Bell have not yet buried the hatchet. And this tense climate between the two former Lions has existed since 2018. It was through social media that the two Cameroonian football legends declared themselves an open war.

It all started from Samuel Eto’o’s refusal to support the former goalkeeper’s candidacy for the presidency of the Cameroon Football Federation. Eto’o had rather decided to support Seydou Mbombo Njoya.

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If this reason seems trivial to lead to a war, it is not at all negligible in the eyes of the two indomitable former Lions. While the name of each personality was put in front of his seat, Samuel Eto’o did not respect the protocol. Instead of sitting very close to Joseph Antoine Bell as indicated, he left his seat free and took the place reserved for Moise Katumbi, president of TP Mazembe

Samuel Eto’o and Antoine Bell