Samuel Eto'o stadium in Bamenda

The president of the Cameroon Football Federation, Samuel Eto’o, is already planning on building a standard stadium in Bamenda.

Last March, on the sidelines of the Cameroon Cup final, PWD supporters in Bamenda sent a message to FECAFOOT President Samuel Eto’o. Through an unfurled banner, PWD Bamenda supporters expressed their wish to have a standard stadium in Bamenda. The message was clear on placards: “We need a stadium in Bamenda”

Their wish will soon be realized because Samuel Eto’o announced, during the closing ceremony of the press seminar, the construction of a standard stadium in Bamenda.

“The S.A.B.C will finance our project to build local stadiums in the country. Starting with that of the bruised region of the North-West,” declared the President of FECAFOOT in remarks relayed by our colleague Marc Leonel CHOUAMO.