Samuel Eto'o Fils organizes the first concert to promote his online betting platform BETOO

In a bid to promote his online betting platform BETOO, The former indomitable lions’ captain and multiple award winner Samuel Eto’o fils is organising a giant concert in Douala


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Set to hold on December 19th 2019 at Parc des Prices, will star Foreign artists such as Tanzanian Diamond Platiniumz, Ivorian DJ Kerozen and French Benash. Home artists to perform will include list A artists such as Magasco, Salatiel and Tzy Panchak and Upcoming artists such as Janea, Kameni, Aveiro Djess, Gomez, Fhish, Sandra Pierami, Iza, Sojip, Nernos, Dash or, Helium protect, Sangui, Elame and comedian Kola sucre who is equally BETOO‘s brand ambassador

According to Samuel Eto’o fils , he will be coming with his friends yet to be known. Conditions for entry include creating an account on and betting with 2.000frs for standard tickets and 5.000 FCFA For VIP tickets

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