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See what Brazilians are saying about Salatiel

Aug 14, 2020
See what Brazilians are saying about Salatiel

After salatiel featured in Beyonce’s album (black is king) in a song titled water alongside Beyonce and Pharell Williams, his fan-base has exponentially expanded worldwide.

it might surprise you that salatiel is gradually growing a strong fan base in Brazil. lets just look at a few things Brazilians are saying about High Man General

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  1. @lovedrxught ”Salatiel, as soon as the corona vaccine comes out, I will go after the kiss you promised me MY GOD THAT GORGEOUS MAN”

2) @rRonyvieira ”I’m becoming a fan of this mds man!”

3) @xordelBro, the salatiel is delicious, right? ai ai pour water on me”.

4)@FurtadoRubson ”Salatiel, you are perfect”

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5)@wos4you Salatiel is Neyo’s Successor”