Cameroonian rapper and ex ALPHA BETA Records signée askia has revealed the reason why she named her son Nairobi “

According to her “Nairobi means ” a place of cold Waters ” Explaining her experience during pregnancy and the reason for the name she wrote.

“I had the worst experience with pregnancy. I was depressed 9 months straight and working from town to town hustling to be ready for my baby. Sometimes I couldn’t even take my bath by myself but I had to cuz I had no choice and Zero help But this child came out happy on the 2nd of September and she has been the light in my life ever since. She is always happy. She is my biggest blessing and I am so grateful.. Named her Nairobii cuz it means “Place of cool water” My personal Calm when the storm starts. I have never and will Never love anyone like I Love my daughter🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
We celebrating everyday till 2nd of next”

month and everyday after that too.