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”Some people are using alpha better to sleep with girls who want to start a music career” Ngwa Jeremiah

Jan 4, 2020

It is no longer news that most girls make their ways to the top in showbiz through ”giving what they have to get what they need”. This is not only the case as in Cameroon, as other African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa equally cry the same problem. the funniest thing with this phenomenon is, not every woman who gives their body end up gaining what they actually wanted. ie either a role in a movie, a video or even in most cases a job

Recently, one of Cameroon’s CEO, singer and producer, Salatiel made a post on facebook alarming about a fake account created in his name to scam people, he wrote

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” Scam alert! #Tanyi_Abang_Carl
There is a fake account on Facebook using my name and pics to extort money from people in the name of producing and signing under Alpha Better Records, this person goes as far as directing people to Master Roboster who is unaware saying he is a producer at ABR. pls, do not do any business with such people. We already received more than 3 reports and had to investigate.
We found out and the name of this person is “Tanyi Abang Carl” pls if u know this person he has been extorting money from people in our name, pls kindly hit us up. Sorry for all those who have been manipulated by this fraud, we will help to find the person and follow due procedure and in case you want to do business with us, there is one official channel with the right information, my official facebook page “Salatiel” with a blue tick, verified.
Pls kindly call us in case of any info. And spread the word

Read: https://factstv.cm/support-romance-between-salatiel-and-stanley-enow-everyone-should-follow/

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One comment from the post from Ngwa Jeremiah (blogger at E-kwat TV caught our attention. According to him, he has been raising alarm about the situation for a very long time. Stating that many people are using Alpha-Beta records (Salatiel’s record label) to sleep with girls who are desperate to start their careers in music

Ngwa Jeremiah
Ngwa Jeremiah

NB: It can never be easy to stop girls from selling their bodies to get roles. But celebrities can reduce scam by having unique platforms where they can communicate with clients and partners rather than generally used facebook, yahoo or Gmails. We advise artists to websites for themselves or their labels through which customers and partners can be able to communicate trustworthily.