'' Cameroon music donc big. Am proud to say God Used me to make it happen''

Stanley Enow recently had an interview with BBC Pidgin talk show questions till your mouth pain you where he answered questions concerning him in particular and the Cameroon music in general

The first question was ” it be like say you over like woman”? In his usual ambiance style, he accepted asking ”if he no like woman, na man he go like?” stating that he only respects men.

Secondly, he was asked about the type of superpower he will like to have. He still reaffirmed his love When he answered ” I go like for be Superman. so that any girl whe i likam, I go create trouble foram.”

The interviewer proceeded to ask him the country he loves most. Stanley expressed his so much admiration for Ghana’s infrastructure, ”her beautiful women” and South Africa.

Asked to introduce himself (at the middle of the interview though) He straightly Answered he is Stanley Enow From Cameroon continue reading below

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Stanley Enow seemed to love women with large ”bum bum” as his hands kept demonstrating that through out the interview. when asked about his ideal woman, He did not hesitate to cite ”God fearing Factor” though not so clear about other qualities, He cited the case when his mother brought a woman for him from the village because she could cook but he turned her down. stating that he instead needs a woman he will cook for her not the reverse.

the interview continued with lights question like, what he ate in the morning, whether he eats puff puff and beans, whether he loves ”nyamangoro? and more

watch more below

Stanley Enow ” Cameroon music donc big. Am proud to say God Used me to make it happen”

The question that really caught our attention most is when he was asked about what he thinks about Cameroon music? he replied ” Cameroon music donc big. Am proud to say God Used me to make it happen”

Our one million dollars Question is, Did Stanley enow make Cameroon music big? what do you think is the role he has played in the cameroon music industry or what do you expect from him.

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