• Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

stephanie Otobo has returned back to Apostle Souleymane’s n.des

May 9, 2022

canadian based Nigerian singer Stephanie Otobo who trended last year for releasing Nigerian popular cleric Apostle Souleymane’s n.des has returned back to social media with more proofs that she really had an affair with the MOG.

It should be recalled that the matter ended last year with Stephanie admitting that it was all false accusations on the overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International, a church.

Returning back to the issue this year, Stephanie Otobo claims she was threatened to confess last year. According to her the people who claims all the images she released last year should explain how she got first class private images of the man of God and how she knows about some scars in his private parts.

If these screenshots were fake, how did i get his pics that aren’t public pics at the first place and how come I’m the first to release this kind of pics of him? He has changed his hairstyle twice since i came out to speak up with receipts. He has done alot to appear different🤣

If the dick pic isn’t his, what is he gonna say about the scar oh his left thigh? His wife can’t deny that scar. How did i know he has a scar on his left thigh if we we didn’t have intimacy?Lol. If he’s denying, he should open up his thigh let’s see. His nails too says it allđź’… Image here

Some people kept on wondering why i came out esposing apostle Johnson suleman, and why i haven’t let go ever since. The truth is that, i never planned to. He pushed me to the wall and the only way i could fight back was to cry out and made everything known.The devil smile đź‘ż

Apostle Johnson Suleman tried using police to shut me up because I visited Nigeria to do feature Timaya in a song. I already paid Clarence Peters for the visuals of the song before oga arrested me, cos i refused to obey him to go back to Canada. He wanted me to amount to nothing.

He did everything to stop my music music career. He was scared that I’ll be influencial. He even poisoned me, paid my friends to set me up and bribed some members of my fam to assassinate me. Lured me to come make false confession at his church in auchi that i lied against him.

That it was other pastors and politicians that wanted to bring him down. How come no name was mentioned.? I only did that cos the pressure was toomuch and everyone had left ne to suffer alone. No support. I had to give up at that moment to have the opportunity for reinforcement.

This man has done everything to end my life but God is not dead, this video is the complete story of how everything happened and how it’s going lately. I’ll release a comprehensive video of everything that happened and the answers to questions.