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Support Romance between Salatiel and Stanley enow everyone should follow

Nov 25, 2019
Support Romance between Salatiel and Stanley enow everyone should follow

“Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God (love) to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.” … Hebrews 13:7, This particular verse from the bible rang a bell in my head when I went online and discovered the big two of the 237 ( Salatiel and Stanley Enow ) urban music industry spreading love and support.

It is indisputable that Salatiel and Stanley Enow are amongst the most successful young entrepreneurs in the Cameroon urban music sphere. these two have in their own respective ways help to spread Cameroon all over the world

Throughout the growing Afropop era in Cameroon, Fans has always held it that these two has never been in good terms since 2014. the cause of their ” not being fine’‘ equally remains a rumour

A few months ago when Salatiel featured in Beyonce’s album ( LIONHEART the gift), all eyes were on Stanley Enow to See if he was Going to congratulate his colleague. unfortunately, He didn’t but rather congratulated Beyonce.

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To many fans, these two are grossly separated by enmity. Is that the case? Currently, Salatiel Emerged as the only Cameroonian artist to win the ^th Afrima Under the category of BEST MALE CENTRAL AFRICA. This time, less eyes were on Stanley to see if he could Congratulate his colleague.

Surprisingly He did.

Reciprocating the love, Salatiel equally took to his social media platform to share Stanley Enow’s Recently released album STANLEY VS ENOW

Salatiel did not only share but praised the quality of the album after having streamed it equally encouraging people to stream

We will conclude this article by emphasising that this is the kind of love we need for Cameroon