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Tanzanian Singer, Diamond Platnumz Dragged To Court By Landlord

Mar 18, 2020
Diamond Platnumz Dragged To Court By Landlord

Tanzanian Singer, Diamond Platnumz Dragged To Court By Landlord

Diamond Platnumz has been blamed for owing one, Maulid Wande Tsh 337 million which he says will cover the unpaid lease and demolished properties at the previous WCB workplaces in Sinza.

Despite the fact that the artist was absent during the conference which went down at a court in Dar Es Salaam; Diamond Platnumz was spoken to by his legal counsellor Gerald Hamisi who uncovered that his customer was stuck in Europe and as a result of the present Corona infection flare-up, he wouldn’t have the option to stream back until all flights are permitted to work once more.

He went further to include that he had just connected with the artist’s director who guaranteed him; that they were taking a shot at having Diamond Platnumz back home at the earliest opportunity.

Harmed property

Diamond Platnumz is being sued for the harms caused in the room where the studio had been set up!

As per Wande’s legal advisor, the WCB CEO has been messing around with the landowner and from the vibe of things; the vocalist and his group appear to be hesitant as far as paying for the harms caused while they were living in Wande’s home before moving to the Benzi sea shore chateau!

The consultation has anyway been climbed to March 18 where the appointed authority is relied upon to give his last decision!

Tanasha hauls Diamond Platnumz to court?

Only a couple of days prior Diamond Platnumz is said to have been hauled to court by Tanasha Donna who was supposedly requesting to be paid for her sat around idly.

Be that as it may, this ended up being promulgation as Tanasha Donna separated herself from the bits of gossip saying they were bogus! Through her internet based life pages the young lady composed;