Since yesterday evening cameroon entertainment social media has been boiling after a video of rapper Tenor and his Ivorian girlfriend Eunice Zunon fighting surfaced online.


This is what Tenor’s manager Traphis has to say

” Eunice’s acts of violence against TENOR are not new. The first was a year and a half ago when they were in Abidjan, she tore all his clothes with a scissors. TENOR and EUNICE separated before his accident. Because he found Eunice too possessive and violent. When the accident happened, she came to the hospital to lend her support but found herself fighting in the hospital in TENOR’s room with an Ivorian mother named Maman Hollande. For Eunice any woman at his bedside was a competitor.

She didn’t hesitate to use punches. We carefully covered up the case to protect Eunice. Since, after the accident, she began to put pressure on him. That if people have forgiven him it is thanks to her.

She started to blackmail. By using a group of mothers that she calls her warriors which is her international funding lever for her activities and which she manipulates at will.

TENOR is going on a European tour, she says she’s coming. Afterwards, Eunice says she wants to be next to him. He leaves the hotels we paid for the tour to be the perfect couple with her and pays for ONE airbnb himself. One evening he came home from the studio at 4am, she forced Tenor to sleep with her. He said he is tired, that he wants to sleep. She started with punches and kicked him out with all his stuff.

The tour became unlivable. She put pressure on Tenor to pay her an extra plane ticket to accompany her, but in the meantime when we arrived in a city she blackmails Tenor into accompanying her to the show.

The last two shows, including the one in Toulouse, she paid her transport in First Class and as usual asked TENOR to accompany her. She claimed it is thanks to his image that people love Tenor.

Eunice hits TENOR no matter if he is right or wrong. The only time I witnessed the scene; there was a very strong verbal abuse, where she insulted his family. All because she wanted to go to the restaurant to eat and asked that Tenor accompanies her.

He said he is tired. It turned into punches on him. Then she called the police. But before calling the police, I stopped filming to separate them. She removed her wig, and her curls, she laid on the ground.

She positioned them well. She filmed them, saying she’s going to harm him.

That Tenor is her property and he can’t separate with her like that. When she calls the police, she told lies. They compared her testimony to the videos. It is the police who asked her to leave the city and go home.

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Eunice was in a mood where she said she will harm TENOR. That if he doesn’t marry her, he will suffer. Blackmail and pressure every day. It is even worse than that.


It’s no coincidence that this video, which is more than three weeks old, now comes out when Tenor is on the plane heading to Abidjan. It was carefully orchestrated. Because she promised to kill him. The level of pressure he was under until he fell into depression was unbelievable. At some point, if he has a problem with Eunice at 4:00 a.m. At 9am on Social networks you only see a wave of mothers threatening him.

Either through a fake profile on the networks or through calls and whatsapp messages. Eunice took advantage of his accident to gain ascendancy over him. And blackmailed him morning, noon, evening.

Abused and insulted him constantly and smiles in the photos. She is another level of comedy. In the meantime, the young man plunged again into depression. Don’t be flattered by the smiles on the show videos.

Eunice and her team carefully waited for the day and time we are on the plane to Abidjan to cut part of the video and post on the internet, so that they’ll insult him and put him in danger on her territory.

But lies do not have a long run”