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Tenor’s trial: Here’s the reason the artist pleaded guilty

Sep 8, 2021

His trial took place on September 6, 2021 at the court of first instance of Douala -Bonanjo. He pleaded guilty to “manslaughter” and also waived his request for interim release.

Artist Tenor admitted his wrongs. He assumes his responsibilities and has decided to “plead guilty to manslaughter” and has also renounced his request for provisional release in the context of the Erica Mouliom case, a young student who died last July in a traffic accident while ‘she was in the star’s vehicle.In return for acknowledging his guilt, Tenor will surely receive a lower sentence than he has incurred.As a reminder, Erica’s family had promised to file a complaint against the artist whom she always considered to be responsible for the death of their daughter. Threats that she quickly carried out. Thus on July 30, 2021,

Tenor was arrested by the police for “manslaughter” and referred to Bonanjo prison while he was barely recovering from the shock of the accident.

On August 12, 2021, the artist’s lawyer pleaded for his provisional release on health grounds.while on the side of late Erica’s family, his father granted a press conference today Wednesday 8th September 2021 in Douala accompanied by his lawyer and had this to say

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“I think that if you trample on the herbs in the garden of your neighbour, the first thing you have to do is to ask for forgiveness. If I asked Tenor to pay bride price for my deceased daughter, it was just a way to get his family to come and wipe our tears. It’s not because I lack anything. I am a father. I only wanted them to come and appease my family. Nothing can bring back my daughter. I have confidence in the judicial system in Cameroon. I want to let those handling the case to know that today it is Erika and tomorrow it could be their own daughters. We are not doing this for Erika alone. Nothing can be done to replace her.

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.””Today Erika is gone. If I’m engaging in this fight, it is to protect our kids from these predators, if I can call them that way, who hover around university campuses to corrupt our daughters. Children have to feel safe in school,” he added. .

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