If you want to understand the relationship between COVID-19, 5Gnetwork and the antichrist, THE CONSPIRACY THEORY OF COVID-19, 5G AND THE ANTICHRIST EXPLAINED by Cedric Ipkiss is a must-read for you

TLDR; the recent claims that 5G waves weaken our immune system or carry a virus are just a distraction from what early conspiracy theorists elaborated as a war and offensive attack by 2 super powers. Curiously, it became unwound, and rewoven into another conspiracy about the Bible and Christians’ age-long mark of the beast. Understanding that the 5G virus distraction is pure nonsense, the original conspiracy is so much more thrilling that I thought of re-evoking it before its final demise – simply because it offers several truths and so much logic that I lament it dying prematurely. Who knows, maybe the guilty parties tried covering it up with the nonsensical 5G virus. Hope you enjoy this

In 1945 after the second world war ended, the world, haven realized the devastating effects of wars on humans, experienced a radical shift in their definition of conflict. The end of colonization, the birth of several international organizations and an almost radical abandonment of military display which had preoccupied the late 19th and early 20th centuries were just offsprings of this shift.

Slowly but surely, the world moved into a village of cooperation where even the slightest hints at conflict were stifled each time by suggestions of a Third World War, a shrill sound almost having the magical effect of quietening conflict. The biggest conflict humans came to witness were mere bullying words from leaders exchanged at each other and an accumulation of never-used military prowess, all aimed at the same bullying intent.

It became clear: humanity craved for more than jungle justice. However, humans are biologically animals; our zeal for dominion would never be quelled. If war became dreaded, we had to dominate in other forms. Welcome economic, technological and scientific warfare.

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The strength of this recent tussle ground became evident when China rose to dominate the economic scene, radically shifting the attention of the US from its long-time opposing gang, Russia, to now focus on this quieter youth who seemed, long before them, to have done field studies to determine the smoothest lanes of the new playing ground, and were adapting to it. Not only were they now splashing cash left and right all over the African and American blocks whom they once owed, they began accumulating the latest technological gadgets in town, much to the worship of the entire metaphorical village.

But whatever the US and Russia thought China foresaw, China wasn’t even focusing on anymore. Building the latest phones and chips was old school; perhaps even a distraction. While Apple and Samsung were fighting to market face recognition, China had long been working on the ultimate big-boy move. This was only unveiled when plans for their global dominion hit the streets.

Enter 5G

Unlike what most people might think, 5G isn’t just about speedy internet connections. Its implications are too deep to write even in a single book. With its plan to introduce this technology, China was closing the final chapter of its plans for their own version of a new world order. Here’s a hint at what China envisages:

Cedric wakes up in the morning, if he’s feeling sick, a doctor is alerted and he can receive a call from the hospital, plus medicine delivered to him before breakfast. Mind you, Cedric has told no one or written anywhere that he’s feeling sick. If he needs an Uber to take him to work, he simply states his purpose out loud to thin air, one drives to his house, picks him up, reads out his calendar and daily plan while it drives him, without him uttering another word. If he wishes to cancel an appointment, he tells the car – or any other device he meets or uses during the day. Should he reach the office and his health situation aggravate, an ambulance will pull up, even without anyone alerting them. How does all this happen?

5G isn’t just about speed. China envisages connectivity. They’re implanting, with its launch, 1 billion cameras in China, meaning 1 camera for every 2 persons. China is hoping in the future to eliminate interconnectivity tools like the phone, because everywhere around you would be olfactory, palpable, sound and visual censors to serve you anything you need. If they’re introducing this technology, they want to be shipping it worldwide as well. 3G and 4G were a powerful weapon which killed the long-standing phone brands who dominated before Samsung and Apple – because Samsung and Apple shipped them earlier and better. Huawei has been tasked to head 5G, and if their phones ship with it before Apple and Samsung, even you would want to buy a Huawei to replace your iPhone and its outdated technology. What’s more, China has to ship these phones worldwide. Now the threat here doesn’t just come from the market share of technology. The real threat, which no one anticipated, would come from the interconnectivity plans of the technology. It’s ok to let people dominate the world by selling the greatest number of phones, but when you realize phones were just a distraction to dominate the world by being omnipresent and omniscient, the threat becomes bigger. The US and the EU would sanction Apple and Samsung for privacy leaks, but China is just a country as sovereign as the US, and can ship whatever phone with whatever technology it finds pleasing. Now, it finds Huawei pleasing and it’s funding them.

5G is a technology China would export of course, and even if the US bans or sanctions Huawei, the Chinese have several CCTV and related camera projects with local African governments, to say the least, Cameroon being one. But do they need CCTV? Phones come embedded with cameras and mics. Huawei was the perfect brand! That’s a world domination plan at another level. And guess what, no one saw it coming early enough, and even when they did, they watched on. Except, perhaps one man.

Enter Donald J Trump

What did he start by doing? Pushing away foreign firms, banning Huawei, kicking out foreigners, entering into the 5G race with added vigour. What’s the strength of his America first policy? Foreign technology penetrates any country through foreign companies, through immigrants, through liberal markets, in short, through anything foreign. However, warfare isn’t only defensive; it has to be offensive. He actively launched several attacks at the Chinese market and technosphere, so much that the resulting rekindled cold war made a global catastrophe which affected the 2 countries most nothing short of eerily suspicious.

Enter COVID-19

The Chinese government couldn’t prevent themselves from making matters worse: they covered several facts about the outbreak, stifled whistleblower remarks, arrested doctors, and until it was too late, finally announced an outbreak. Shortly after Asian markets took a hit, the strategy of fear was used to hit the US and European markets, who’ve since struggled up to date, while China remains the first country to be fully recovering from the virus, with a relatively stable market.

Now to put everything together: what’s the big theory? One peculiar international organization claims to be the responsible body for secretly keeping the world in balance for centuries now. They’re called the Illuminati. I’ve read their Bible (First Testament of the Illuminati – image below),


(first testament of illuminatis) THE CONSPIRACY THEORY OF COVID-19, 5G AND THE ANTICHRIST EXPLAINED by Cedric Ipkiss

and by that Bible, they’ve always been, and will always be working to keep the world in check. It’s the same organization many Christians have claimed holds the trademark of their apocalyptical beast. This organization has lamented a deterioration of the human race and a desire to instill a New World Order to protect all humans. Since its existence, they’ve watched over us, they see and know everything we do, they control who gets to power, who becomes popular, who becomes successful, and they control how every single event unfolds (their words, as read in their Bible – I’ll share to anyone who’s as curious as myself). Do I need to point out how 5G, China and Huawei reflect this same agenda?

There’s more. The Illuminati, even though seeking perfection, falters from time to time. One big hit they took was the wrong man coming to power in the US. He, theorists believe, is the one man who would thwart their agenda. America was responsible for the spread of Pentecostalism worldwide, they’re one of the few countries to recognize the Christian God in their declarations, institutions and constitutions, but recently, they’ve been taking hit after hit, from legalisation of homosexuality and bestiality even by the Church, to the growth of the enlightenment which almost annihilated the Church before the Jesuits. Making America great again wasn’t only about technological dominion. It was about checking the puppeting of humans by a small group of other humans.

If Trump couldn’t be kicked out by the ballot, impeachment or opinion derailment, the ultimate weapon had to be used. At this moment, several agendas have been achieved, including crumbling the economy on which he built his strongest arguments. Most people believe USA was the target, with the virus breaking out in China just to derail public opinion from the conspiracy. Currently, New York is the global epicentre, with the US being the hardest hit country on earth. Whether all this makes sense or not as a theory, you can’t disagree that all of it is fascinating. Believing it or not is at your discretion. The thing with conspiracy theories is people believe them based on their zeal to prove what they already believe in. Atheists make fun of Christians now for such conspiracies, but these same atheists were the exciting ones when the Da Vinci Code unravelled, without scientific proof, one of the most thrilling conspiracy theories since the death of Jesus. I’d say let’s just enjoy life while it lasts, with stories, true and fictional, being one of the biggest thrills of the short thing.

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