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The only Afcon Prophesy that is coming to pass

Feb 1, 2022

#Afcon2021 like any other occasion nowadays came with flooding prophesies about who will win. some prophesied that a bomb will explode in the field and so on.

Let’s look at this particular prophesy from a Nigerian prophet: prophet Stephen sale jerubaal of Christ in me revolutional ministry circulating online about who will win Afcon 2021. We are going to examine each prophecy with its confirmation or the possibility of it coming to pass.

  1. ” Nigeria will do very well, but the shoulders can never be taller than the head when there is fire in the house, It is difficult to go out for a battle and come back’

Prophesy confirmation: Nigeria did very well. in fact, Nigeria was the best team in the group stage matches. but they were eliminated by Tunesia in their round 16 game

2) Cameroon who is the host will play a match before the finals. not the finals. is it third place?

Prophesy confirmation: Cameroon is set to face Egypt: the most successful team on the continent at the semi-finals on Thursday. Should Cameroon lose to Egypt, this prophecy will be fulfilled. do you see the pharaohs crushing the indomitable lions? comments below.

3) ‘I see the trophy, Lifted up by an Arab African country… and on the day of the finals the player that will give them the victory, will be number 10…

Prophesy confirmation: Two Arab countries Egypt and Morocco have qualified for the semi-finals. we can’t say anything for now. but you reading, what do you think? Do you see Mo Salah (10) Egypt lifting the trophy for the pharaohs?

4) ”The finals will be played on the 9th of February’

prophecy confirmation: Except for any unforeseen circumstance, The finals is set to be played on February 6th 2022.

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