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The Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ART) sanctions telecommunication companies

Jul 5, 2019

The Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ART) was established by Law 2010/013 of 21 December 2010 governing electronic communications in Cameroon. It is an administrative public institution with legal personality and financial autonomy, whose organization and functioning are defined by the provisions of Decree No. 2012/203 of 20 April 2012 on the organization and functioning of the Agency. of Telecommunications Regulation (ART

Based on

Poor implementation of decree of 03rd September 2015 fixing the terms of identification of subscribers.

-Selling of SIM cards on the streets.

-Abusive activation of SIM cards without prior identification

-Possession of more than three SIM cards by an individual.

-Persistent poor telephone network and internet connection without explanation to clients.

Cameroon Telecommunication regulatory Agency has sanctioned the main three Giant telecommunication companies in Cameroon ie, MTN, Orange and Nexttel as follows Mtn and orange will each pay 1.5billions FCFA while Nexttel pays 1billion FCFA.