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The top 20 richest football teams in the world

Oct 12, 2022

The top 20 richest football teams in the world, according to Wealthy Gorilla: Wealthy Gorilla is a blog designed for anybody looking to achieve success, entrepreneurs in particular. We give advice on business, websites, self improvement, as well as motivational videos, pictures, quotes and more. Check us out!

20. West Ham United (Premier League): $224.5m

19. Newcastle United (Premier League): $228.6m

18. Milan (Serie A): $235.6m

17. Everton (Premier League): $241.4m

16. Schalke 04 (2. Bundesliga): $276.5m

15. Roma (Serie A): $283.6m

14. Inter (Serie A): $318.5m

13. Atletico Madrid (LaLiga): $345.3m

12. Borussia Dortmund (Bundesliga): $360m

11. Arsenal (Premier League): $497.9m

10. Juventus (Serie A): $524.5m

9. Chelsea (Premier League): $585.3m

8. Tottenham (Premier League): $594.5m

7. Liverpool (Premier League): $689.9m

6. Manchester City (Premier League): $696.6m

5. Paris Saint-Germain (Ligue 1): $725.5m

4. Bayern Munich (Bundesliga): $753.1m

3. Manchester United (Premier League): $811.7m

2. Real Madrid (LaLiga): $864m

1. Barcelona (LaLiga): $959m