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Chantal Biya’s twins (Frank hertz and Patrick Hertz) : two princes far removed from the spheres of power

Aug 3, 2020
Chantal biya's twins : two princes far removed from the spheres of power

We discovered Chantal Biya’s twins ( Frank Hertz and Patrick hertz) in the mid-90s ’… neat and Californian-style, they accompanied their mother, Chantal Pulchérie Biya, thus arousing questions and admiration. Since then they have melted into discretion, far from the circles of power. Now in their thirties, what happened to them?

Chantal Biya’s twins

1- Frank Hertz

As a coincidence, one of the twins is named Frank, after brilliant studies in international business at INSEEC, and at the American Business School in Paris, he obtained in 2012 a Master or Business Administration in logistics and supply chain management. at the ISC in Paris … moreover he accumulated experiences at Total Gad & Power Ltd, then joined the SNH (Société Nationale des Hydrocarbons), however while he could have pursued a quiet and well-ordered career within this Parapublic company object of all covetousness, and launches into entrepreneurship and creates the company Hlog, well known in the logistics sector in Cameroon. Where he is still the Managing Director …

Patrick Hertz

Just as discreet as his twin, Patrick Hertz succeeded their father, Louis Hertz, who died in 2009, at the head of Mac Pac International Movers).

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MAC PAC is a family company created in 1961 by Mr Marcel HERTZ, a specialist in the packaging of personal effects and fragile objects. For 30 years, he passed on his knowledge and his passion for quality work to his team and to his two sons, Louis and Alain, before Patrick took the reins of the company.

MAC PAC’s mission is to offer its customers the guarantee of quality service. This service is carried out by synchronizing and coordinating the various services which appear to be appreciated by its customers: “reliable and less costly”, “job well done”, are all opinions collected about the company …

Discretion as a profitable strategy

While the “omnipresent” question of the “succession” of President Paul Biya arises more and more, the twins of Chantal Biya have known, no doubt urged by their mother to stay far from the circles of power and the administration. public to make a name for itself in the private sector. This is a profitable strategy. Indeed, this protective barrier has the merit of protecting them from all kinds of greed and hatred, of which the other “Children of Etoudi” are often victims, like Franck Biya, suspected by some opponents. of wanting to succeed his father in a scenario borrowed from Togo or neighboring Gabon … or even Brenda, regularly on the tabloids for his pompous and social inclinations, while his brother remains relatively spared.

However, the questions of the Cameroonians are more guided by the desire to satisfy a curiosity, so much so that the arteries of the Presidential Palace seem hermetically closed to them, as well as its secrets which, as promoted by the landlord, can be summed up in one word: Silence … the twins, on the other hand, have assimilated it well, and appear only very rarely in the eyes of the “public”, either on the occasion of a special celebration or more precisely on the birthday of the strong man of November 6, 1982…

Chantal Biya’s twins ( frank hertz and Patrick hertz) two princes far removed from the spheres of power