• Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

This Cameroonian girl went extra mile to celebrate cameroon’s victory against Ethiopia

Jan 15, 2022

Football is no gainsaying the greatest sports of all times. this explains the joy people when their team or country is winning especially at the international level.

AFCON 2021 is no different. It has not only brought joy to Cameroonians who have been mourning for long, It has also resurrected the spirit of patriotism in so many people who have given up on the country due to bad governance.

Hey! this long introduction should not divert us from the focus of thus article.

Some cameroonian girls are exaggerating the way they celebrate their country’s victory. They now go about exposing their nüdes on social media in the name of celebration.

below is a file containing video of a Young cameroonian who exposed all her nak3dness, filmed and it went viral on social media. we can’t actually say for sure if she released the videos herself or the videos were leaked.