On several occasions, Jovi’s former signée :Tilla has accused the rapper and producer of being responsible for the stagnation of the cameroon music industry despite the fact that the very Jovi put her on spotlight. Recently Tilla claimed that she remained in the country in 2015 after winning DV lottery only because Jovi convinced her to stay.

This has been the talk of social media since yesterday and for the first time in years Jovi decided to respond to her. According to Jovi, He never talks about her simply for a reason that she is a woman.

Giving his own version of the story, Jovi says He never even knew Tilla won DV lottery and that Tilla got a little money and tried to sign his other signées.

Jovi replying to a comment from a Facebook user who detailed what it takes to travel after winning DV lottery,

Cynthia Mbah To be honest this is the first time I am hearing about a Lottery . Never heard about that before . Tilla’s elder Brother is like a brother to me , Tilla is a lady , that’s why you see, I don’t respond to her . I don’t owe her anything. Same Tilla when she was no longer part of the group got money from one bushfaller and came and tried to sign Tata , Pascal and Kiloh to her own label.

Same Tilla goes everywhere and talk bad about me and still come to my shows and sing along . Wuna first know me . Tilla is a lady. I for don slappam since . Any time yi talk I di Shame . Over lies telling . One thing is for sure , I don’t BLOCK PEOPLE IN THE INDUSTRY . I’m first of all the number one most blocked , or fought against artists but I di chop maitrise . When I stopped caring is when she started insulting me and insulting my artists and that I cannot forgive.

I am struggling in this country with my skill because industry nova yet develope . That means when I have an artist it’s because I love them and trust them no na say money over dey, I di work na money for music still take the money invest am back inside music . For 5 different people.

I cannot sacrifice myself for ungrateful people , envious hateful and most of all Disloyal people . Tilla use to leave my house to go and sleep with her boyfriend from my house when I will invite her over from Bamenda to come and work with me in Yaoundé and what I needed from her is focus . When I told her that’s not good why are you in Yaoundé, finish work here and go where ever you want. After that Tilla started saying I imprisoned my artist over at New Bell . I will tell you people more about TILLA . Too much to talk about . She is a very big Liar but I still wish her nothing but the best .

Remember Tilla’s song My new Team better than my old team ? She was dissing me and my label . Tilla was the MAIN instigator of the rift between Me and Magasco . She told me he use to brutalize her in front of his girlfriend. Even though they were together. That made me very angry. Pascal is the reason behind my Rift with Tilla he use to feed me information on what Tilla is saying and doing . When Tilla and I started having problems? She use to come and stay with Pascal in the house I got for him . IMAGINE ? . Well that’s all for today . Thank you Cynthia Mbah . I loved your comment so I will do this under y’a post and on my page , but on my page I will delete later . Thank you for being impartial and fair . The rest of those insulting me or Tilla . Is it worth it ? Grow up !