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Top 10 Countries with the highest number of witchcraft.

May 3, 2022

10) Congo Innocent people are targeted by witch-hunts in the name of a “god.” In Congo, increasing numbers of children are being abused and killed in the name of witchcraft and black magic. People alleged to be witches in the country are being given the harshest death penalty. in the world.

Hundreds of people and children have fled to other countries such as neighboring Uganda with broken arms, legs, and burn injuries. In 2001, when Congolese went on a brutal witch-hunting spree when hundreds of people were hacked to death.

9. Cameroon They still believe in Ghosts and religious beliefs. The region’s inhabitants have gone on protests and rampages destroying homes, places of worship, and suspected witches. Several hundred people die in the country each year because of deadly witch-hunts. In 2014 the inhabitants burned and destroyed many homes, vehicles, and shops. There is also no space for children in the area. Deadly practices of witch-hunting are targeted at children, elderly women, and supposed witches. Suspected are often tortured and publicly burned by the mob.

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8. South Africa. In April 2015, villagers in Mpumalanga hamlet beat and raped a lady accused of witchcraft nude. The cops stood useless in the face of the women’s torment. Thembekile Ngubane, 59, was forced to swallow fuel after lighting himself on fire in February 2015.

There are several instances around the country of citizens being burnt alive, stoned, tortured, and brutally killed. Elderly ladies are the primary targets of witch hunts.

7. India In rural India, mostly in villages, Black Magic and Witchcraft are still believed. Women fall victim to witch-hunts in such parts. Women in villages are beaten, stripped, and publicly murdered by people. More than 700 women have been killed or murdered since 2008 in a 2013 National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report. Poor parts of the country such as Bihar, Assam, Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh see high amounts of witch-hunts murder cases.

6. Gambia In 2009, more than 1000 people accused of being witches were locked out in a hidden location and forced to drink dangerous hallucinating pieces, according to the human rights organization, Amnesty International.

5. Kenya Here they post ads, printed on A3 paper for waganga (witchdoctors) offering assistance mainly in matters of business, money, love, and infertility. Some Nairobi girls” using this kind of witchcraft to secure a man is also legend.

4. Zambia Definitively witchcraft is alive and well in rural Zambia. Sick Zambians can get back on their feet after a visit from the local witch doctor, or rather a traditional healer. Zambian people’s superstitious beliefs are strong, which is the name witchcraft and black magic had led to horrific killings and brutal murders. A 2013 event gives impulses where two men were axed to death by members of their families on suspicion that they were practicing witchcraft.

3. Papua New Guinea Burning women accused of witchcraft has been so alarmingly prevalent in Papua New Guinea that a law was passed by the government to prohibit burning those suspected of performing dark magic. Some parts of the country see witch-hunts as more voyeuristic & sad.

2. Tanzania Tanzania is a land of some very different beliefs. One is of witch doctors and albino body parts are good ingredients for the magical potions the witches concoct. As a result, albinos in Tanzania face widespread persecution. Close to 1000 people are executed every. year for witchcraft practice in the country. They are known to have the most intense practices of witch-hunting in all of Africa. Witch hunts do not spare children, either. 23 people were arrested for murdering 7 ‘witches’ in 2014. Many villagers ran away as witch-hunting increased.

1. Saudi Arabia has very stringent regulations regarding witchcraft and witchcraft activities. The punishment of those found guilty of witchcraft can range from life term to the death penalty. Guest workers from countries such as Indonesia sit in prison for witchcraft practice In November 2009 over 100 people were arrested for using holy books to practice magic. From 2006 to 2012 many people were cruelly and brutally executed in Saudi Arabia for practicing black magic. citizens of other countries were also not exempted from execution.

Bonus: People across West Africa, especially Togo, Ghana and Nigeria hold similar beliefs but in Benin it is recognized as an official religion, followed by some 40% of the population. Voodoo Day is a public holiday and there is a national Voodoo museum.