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Top 10 most powerful armies in Francophone Africa in 2020 The

Dec 12, 2020
Top 10 most powerful armies in French-speaking Africa in 2020 The

Globalfirepower site has published the ranking of the best armies in the world in 2020. This ranking includes 35 African countries classified according to different tools. Over 50 factors are used in the internal formula to determine the ranking of a national power. The number of soldiers, the budget allocated for defense, but also many other parameters such as its technological progress, the type and number of equipment available (aircraft carriers, nuclear weapons, submarines, etc.), etc. Zoom on the French-speaking countries present in this ranking

For French-speaking African countries, the ranking is as follows:
Democratic Republic of Congo, 8th out of 35

Chad, 14th out of 35
Mali, 17th out of 35
Burkina Faso, 18th out of 35
Cameroon, 19th out of 35
Niger, 20th out of 35
Cote d’Ivoire, 21st out of 35
Congo Brazzaville, 27th out of 35
Central African Republic, 31st out of 35 Gabon, 32nd out of 35