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Top ten Cameroonian artists with best stage attitude in 2019

Dec 29, 2019
Top ten Cameroonian artists with best stage attitude

The primary role of a musician like any other entertainer is to entertain fans or the public in general. nor matter how much of a good singer an artist is if his/her stage performance can’t move the audience, he/she will turn to lose bookings. We are going to look at the Top ten Cameroonian artists with amazing stage performances in 2019. our analysis will be based on the energy they put on stage and how they relate to the fans while on stage

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10: Gomez and Kameni

Signed to LIONN Prod by Mr Leo, Gomez and Kameni are among the top revelation Cameroon artists who demonstrate passion for their music career both onstage and backstage. Well known for their Afropop-ragga melange, these two always light up the stage with their amazing songs such as Boss, Kpoyo, Nayo nayo, sans toi etc

9) Mr Leo

Boss to Kameni and Gomez, Mr Leo is commonly called Lion man. His stage roaring attitude and her manner of always pulling off his top on stage to showcase his six packs always get fans screaming. the most amazing thing about Leo is, he will switch from hot roaring lion to a mild pangolin and the emotions will only flow

8) Magasco:

Former Empire company signee and presently boss of B-Boy records Magasco is Known for representing Bamenda anytime onstage. He has succeeded to rebrand ”Njang” dance steps into Afropop and he does that so lovely that even someone who has never seen the ‘‘njang” dance will really love to give it a try. His dancers are always unique on stage and they always get fans wanting.

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7) Ko-c:

Ko-c is amongst the few Cameroonian artists who are able to back hit songs on another. physically you will never Ko-C is a good dancer until he comes on stage. it is really lovely the way he carries his ”shaku shaku” and ”gwara gwara” moves and how he relates it to the public with his hit songs such as Sango, Bolo, Balancé etc. you may want to see one of his stage performances here

6) Daphne:

Calling the name Daphne without any title should be disrespect. let’s call her queen Daphne before any other thing. Daphne is not only the best female artist in Cameroon but in Francophone in sub-Saharan Africa. Daphne remains a very cool and quiet girl until you see her on stages. It will not be an overstatement if we call he ” the stage Beyonce of Africa”.

5) Tenor:

Tenor has succeeded to win the hearts of late Ivorian superstar DJ Arafat’s fans. Consequently making Ivory coast his second home. His stage performances draw a lot of attention with the manner in which he blends his fast rap style and ”Kpongo”. Dj Arafat was a wonderful stage performer. his predecessor can’t be any different

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4) Blanch Bailly

Queen Mimba as she is fondly called, Blanche’s light complexion, her big boobs and bum are enough to entertain. Blanche doesn’t only depend on her physical for entertainment as she equally puts in a lot of energy and wonderful Bamilike dance steps especially with her hit song like Argent, Ton pied mon pied, Mimbayeu etc

3) Fhish

Fhish is one of the rare artists that can die not only for his music but equally for the 237 Music industry as a whole. He has so far succeeded to create his unique dance style with his entourage (his gofment) Unfortunately fhish has suffered from dormant fans during must of his shows this year. That aside, Fhish is a very wonderful stage performer especially with his hit songs such as Anti Kirikouu, Holla Holla, and Bonbon Sifflet

2) Kowan

At only 8, Kowan’s amazing stage attitude has been able to secure him a place on top shows around the country few of which includes Broken movie premier at Douala Bercy, Youth Konect at Palais Polyvalent des Sports Yaounde and Samuel Eto’o and friends concert at Parc des Princes Bali Douala. his stage attituded has so far charmed the likes of Samuel Eto’o, Syndy Emade, John Dumelo, and a host of Cameroon Government ministers. You may like to check out his EP ”Smal boy, big God” here

1) Stanley Enow

Multiple awards winner, Stanley Enow receives our gold medal for stage attitude. His 2013 hit song ”Hein Pere” becomes a new song whenever he goes on stage. Though being the most attacked artist on social media, you will not imagine how much the public loves him until you see him on stage or on the street. his recent stage appearances at the Uba Free Concert at Canal Olympia, Njieforbi Music Festival, Eto’o and friends Concert amongst others can only make us term him ”Cameroon’s stage Micheal Jackson”

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Nb: Take RDV with Stanley Enow at Canal Olympia on February 11th for his end of year concert

These are our Cameroon stage performers for 2019. if you feel there is an artist who gave much in this domain and is not recognised, please leave the name in the comment box