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Top ten YouTube most watched Cameroon urban music videos

Oct 14, 2019
Top ten YouTube most watched urban music videos

One of the most used criteria to measure the success of a song, is through the number of views it gets on YouTube. This might not be a perfect parameter as it has a lot of weaknesses. How ever, we are not discussing the best parameter to measure the success of a song but rather top ten Cameroon urban songs that have attracted many views on YouTube.

10) Charlotte Dipanda – Elle n’a pas vu 8,355,171 views

Released under Pharempire Empire on 05 December 2014, the singer Charlotte Dipanda expresses her wish for her mum to have lived to seen her glorious days. The song occupies our 10th position with 8,355,171 views

09) Locko – Je serai là 8,880,220 views.

Third extract from THE BRIDGE album. Je serai la was released on the 10th August 2017 under Big Dreams Records. Produced by Locko and DJ Kriss, the video was directed by Champion Studio. it makes up to the 9th position on our list with 8,880,220 views.

08) Daphne – My Lover 9,413,304 views

With “My Lover” Daphne introduces part IV of her Love letter to her fans. If “Caleé” was the story of falling in love, then “Promets Moi” was the promise to stay in love. If “Jusqu’à la Gare” was the endurance of love, then “My Lover” is the story of love that is losing its endurance and almost falling apart. Produce by Big Joe, Mixed and mastered by Salatiel my lover stands on the 8th position with 9,413,304 vies

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07) Locko Supporter (feat Mr Leo) 10,159,270 views

Supporter is an extract from Locko’s bridge album. it was released on November 11 2013 and can now boast of over 10 million views. it was produced by Salatiel. the song was spiced by Mr leo and released under Big dreams music Label ( locko’s former music label). I bet you will still love to play Supporter even in the year 2100Ad.

06Daphne – Promets Moi 10,445,412 views

Daphne’s partnership with Apha Better’s production house is proving to be one made in music heaven. With “Promet Moi”, Big Joe, famously known for producing “Que’est ce qui n’a par marché”, succeeded in producing a beat that not only complimented Daphne’s voice, but allowed the track to soak in all the emotions of the lyrics to bring you what is sure to become a classic. Mixed and mastered by Salatiel. Read: Understanding Daphne, Numerica And Blanche Bailly’s Music Series Promets moi made it to the 5th position on our list with 10,445,412 views. it expresses the feelings of a new love relationship filled with emotions and promises. Staring Numerica, the song can make you ”Baecation”

05) Mr Leo – Jamais-Jamais: 10,184,907 views

Jamais jamais is a combination of so much talents to bring out one piece. Salatiel and blaise B combined forces to produce the audio. Dr Nkeng in his usual incredibility joined forces with Artnurin for the visuals. The song Caught the attention of Nigerian super star Flavour that he decided to feature on the remix

04) Charlotte Dipanda Ft. Yémi Alade – Sista 11,440,505 views

The taste of charlotte dipanda ft Yemi alade sista, cuts across all age groups. Released April on April 3rd 2018. it is an extract from the album “Un Jour Dans Ma Vie”. it makes the 4th position on our list with 11,440,505 views

03) Daphne – Jusqu’à La Gare 20,381,120 views

Released under Stevens Music on the 15th November 2017, the song can boast of over 20 million views. The song Features Numerica. One Unique thing about this song is that it had visuals from Ns Pictures and not the Usual Dr. Nkeng Stephen. It made up to the 3rd position on our list

02) Daphne – Calée 25,523,044 views

“Calée” is a fun, playful love song about a girl falling deeply in love. It’s easy on the ears and the music will make you want to dance as you soak in the storyline.

Released on 30th March 2017 it has gain numerous awards for the artist in particular and the label in general.

01) Franko -Coller La Petite 52,948,354 views

Here is the King of the list. Franko’s coller la petite is not only the most watch video on YouTube in Cameroon’s history. It tops our list with 52,943.354 views. highly criticized by some Government official for promoting immorality instead fertilized the song. It was released under hors-jeu music production house and the video was shot and directed by sky star

As earlier stated in the introduction, Youtube views might not be the best parameter to measure the success of a song. How ever it is very important as it determines how the public appreciates a song and even fetches money for an artist

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