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Tzy good samaritan Panchak: Find out how Tzy Panchak helped a man abandoned at an accident scene

Jan 21, 2020
Tzy good samaritan Panchak: Find out how Tzy Panchak helped a man abandoned at an accident scene

Tzy Panchak is amongst those Cameroonian artists which such a good heart to emulate. He has demonstrated it in developing new strategies that have been able to put somen younger artists on the spotlight. Ask Vernyuy Tina, Ask, Cleo Grae, ask Vivid Smith. He has equally been seen on charitable grounds most at times supporting someone on a hard situation or oftentimes IDPs

Tzy Panchak through a Facebook post recounted a story of how he and his team on their way to Yaounde, arrived at an accident scene that caused the death of two young Cameroonians and how he helped a poor boy bleeding helplessly. This was his post.

Read below:

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On my way to Yaoundé, we came across an accident scene
A Trailer hit a bus, two people died and many wounded
I stopped and try to help
Tried calling police or emergency response to no avail
Nobody knew a number we could call
Tried begging some cars that passed by to help to no avail
Then I saw this young boy bleeding badly
We decided to take him to the nearest hospital which was 30mins away
We got to a hospital at Edea and the nurses were so reluctant to help
I now realized It might be cos of money
So I told one of them I was going to pay the bill
They now sent me to the counter
This lady took another 20-30 mins to bring out the bill
Before they could attend to the boy

My prayer this 2020 is for God to heal my Country with love 💙
We don suffer too much 😭

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It is rather unfortunate that we live in a society where health units value money more than human lives

We pray for quick recovery of the patient in question, and for God to Flourish the source of where the aid came from.