Video: Nollywood actress Regina Daniels Gave 1000$ to two Cameroonian fans in UAE and reason why she deactivated her instagram account

On Monday, October 21, 2019, at about 6 pm UAE time, outside the Mall of Emirates, Nollywood actress Regina Daniels Encountered two of her excited Cameroonian fans who bumped into her in frenzy.

Watch the video as she handed some money to the fans


We can’t really confirm the amount. But from the comments below, we are made to understand, it was 1000$

About why she deactivated her social media accounts, Insiders also revealed that the real reason Regina DEACTIVATED her Instagram account on Sunday, October 20th was that ”Regina was threatened by a lot of people who took their being jealous of her new status a little too far but she is decided to concentrate on her holiday with her husband right now cos they are moving from one country to another but she will reactivate her social media handle when she is ready..Right now she is happy and doesn’t care about anything else’ Watch the video here

Regina daniels in UAE Regina daniels in UAE