''We had a world cup. you guys had Cardi B'' AKA shades Nigerians

Nigerians and South Africans seem to have an endless war both online and offline. South Africans even took it to the extent of chasing Nigerians out of their country and destroying their properties

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Recently US female hip hop star Cardi B was currently in Ghana and Nigeria for her West African tour. Reacting to her visit, a Nigerian went to twitter to shade South Africans and AKA in Particular. He wrote ”Cardi B went to Nigeria, met their celebrities and sealed off music deals Cardi B went to Ghana, ate Ghana Jollof and started purging. I pray she doesn’t go to South Africa, who will she meet? A.K.A? That guy wouldn’t mind asking Cardi B to waybill bleaching cream to him.” see tweet below.

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Reacting to the Tweet, AKA said ”We had a world cup. you guys had Cardi B” Stating that South Africa is the best country in the world


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