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What does the Cameroonian law say about RAPE?

Oct 6, 2020
What does the Cameroonian law say about RAPE?

Today, many cases of rape still go unpunished because the victims lack information on the subjects. We salute the effort of people like Daphne who have braved the odds to speak up. Since her outing, the rape issue has been a trend in the Cameroon Social media. while some People such as Mbiydzela Edwin Tatah founder of MR MBIYDZELA DIGITAL MEDIA HOUSE, ACCESS DOUALA and FACTS TV AFRICA thinks we should discourage both rape and indecent dressing, many Cameroonians holds the view that ‘‘indecent dressing has nothing to do with rape’‘ So what exactly does the law say?

Rape as well as incest and other sexual violence are practices severely punished by law. Indeed, Cameroonian legislation has provided for everything. In the penal code, the law does not grant any concessions to perpetrators of rape. Worse still, if this offense is combined with incest.

In article 296 of the penal code relating to rape, the law punishes any sexual act with a person (man or woman) without their consent with physical and / or moral violence. Found, the offense is punished with a sentence ranging from 5 to 10 years in prison.

The article states Anyone who, with the help of physical or moral violence, forces a person, even at puberty, to have sexual relations with him/her punished by imprisonment of five (05) to ten (10) years,

In addition, the victim will have to obtain compensation. It is certainly impossible to quantify the damage of a rape, but a symbolic amount will be paid to the victim as a sign of restitution. The amount will then be set by the victim and it is the judge who, after assessing the amount, will assess it at its fair value according to the gravity of the case and according to the concept of fair justice in force in Cameroon.

Without doubt, everything has been done to protect the youth who are the main victims of rape. The law, as far as the sexual relationship is concerned, does not take into account whether or not there has been consent of the child (under 21). The sexual act between an adult and a child alone is illegal and is severely repressed against the adult, considered as the only culprit and responsible.

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Although it remains impossible to determine exactly how long the legal proceedings will take, the complaint must be filed within three years of the offense.


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