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Woman forwards Valentine’s Day text, leaves bae super unimpressed

Feb 16, 2021

A screenshot of a woman’s attempt and failure at wooing her man on Valentine’s Day has been shared online – The screenshot shows how the young lady had forwarded him a sweet Valentine’s message that had obviously been sent to her first and he was not having it – Twitter was left with mixed reactions about the post because many of them saw no problem with what she did while others thought she could’ve put more effort

There’s a lot of hype around Valentine’s Day and what comes with the hype is many expectations.
A woman called Maphindy fell far short of these expectations after she forwarded a message to her bae on the special day as opposed to writing something sweet and original. In a screenshot of the convo shared by @uKhayegema, Maphindy forwards her bae a Valentine’s Day text which she received from someone else, but he obviously would have appreciated something original, judging by his response:

“Really Maphindy? A fowarded text?”

he wrote. Twitter was left undecided about who was in the wrong as many of them thought even though the message was forwarded it was still quite sweet.
Others however believed that she could have easily drafted a text by herself.