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Woman who has been carrying her husband for 60 years shares interesting reasons why she loves her husband

Jul 13, 2021

When he proposed to me, it was unique” – Woman has been carrying husband for 60 years

A woman who chose to marry a man with a disability has been carrying him for the past almost 60 years and vowed never to leave him till death separates them.

When he proposed to me, it was quite unique,” the elderly woman said, adding: “My heart convinced me that he’s the right partner.”

People including the woman’s mother-in-law have all advised her to abandon him because they thought she is only wasting her life with a man who can neither walk nor work to take care of her, but she rejected their counsel.

She had two children before she got married to her current husband with whom she has none. She disclosed that they’ve attempted to get intimate but have not succeeded due to the man’s condition.

Narrating to Afrimax TV how his condition came about, the man said he was born disabled but his parents failed to take him to the hospital until it was too late to remedy his condition.

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He lives with his partner in a small mud house in a hilly area where he was born and has never moved anywhere far from the village.

“I sent a messenger to find me love, when I told her what was on my heart, she said ‘yes’, and that’s how we have lived together since,” the man recounted.

The woman has resolved to toil to take care of herself and him, and that’s what she has done for decades – working for people on their farms among other things to put food on the table.

Aside from all the toil to provide food, she bathes her husband, cleans his mess, carries her to the farm, and so on.

The couple they have grown to be so fond of each other that they can hardly live without each other’s company.