FIFA Player App

FIFA announced this Friday that all players participating in the 2022 World Cup will have access to the FIFA Player App, an application to consult their individual data in each match.

FIFA innovates for World Cup 2022. With the introduction of the FIFA Player App, players will be able to see their individual performance data shortly after matches. The data collected includes advanced football data, compiled from advanced event data – itself compiled by a team of highly qualified FIFA performance analysts – as well as tracking data.

This may be, for example, the nature of the movements made by a player in order to receive the ball, the intensity of his pressure against the ball carrier or even whether he has managed to break the opposing lines.

Physical performance data, obtained through a highly accurate tracking system using multiple cameras placed all around the pitch for optimal coverage of player movement. This information, highlighted on positional heatmaps, includes the distance traveled at different speed thresholds, the number of runs above 25 km/h as well as the maximum speed recorded.

Advanced football intelligence data, compiled by the FIFA Performance and Trend Analysis team using algorithms and models capable of integrating and processing event and tracking data in real time. These new measurements make it possible to analyze football from a new angle, focusing in particular on the different phases of the game, the runs and passes that break the opposing lines, the areas where the ball is received and the pressure exerted on the ball carrier. .

In addition, many photos of the key moments of each match will be made available to players. The latter will be able to save or share these photos – as well as their match statistics – on their social media accounts, directly from the application, explains FIFA.

They will also be able to access the FIFA Player App upon arrival in Qatar. A news that will revolutionize football.