At the moment, Nigerian social media space is filled with reactions about Xenophobia in South Africa. In the past days, xenophobic attacks on Nigerians has increased and the videos that emerge from South Africa are appalling and horrible.

In the midst of the rampage on social media, South African rapper AKA has been giving out xenophobic tweets on Twitter. Nigerian celebrities and musicians have ripped apart AKA following his reaction to the xenophobic attacks on Nigerians in South Africa. Burna Boy in a series tweets blasted AKA over his insensitivity and subtle support of the attacks.


Other Nigerian musicians like Davido have expressed disappointment in him while SkalesVector, continued to blast the South African rapper.

-Hating on @casspernyovest lol Cz his doing beta
-Lied a woman did juju on him Cz he did not want 2 claim he was irresponsible by leavin his baby mama 4 anotha woman
-Wants 2 feature naija artiste but lowkey hates the idea but can’t help but do it 
🤷‍♂️What’s his name?

according to Burna boy, AKA should arm himself whenever he sees him

— SKALES (@youngskales) September 3, 2019

And @akaworldwide i knew you was retarded but I didn’t know it had gotten this bad. Next time I see you you better have a big security bro,On Gambos Grave ur gunna need it.— Burna Boy (@burnaboy) September 3, 2019

And @MI_Abaga it’s Fuck @akaworldwide from now on. And if you down with him, it’s Fuck you too. I respect you too much, please Don’t throw my respect out the window cuz I swear you will fly out with it.— Burna Boy (@burnaboy) September 3, 2019

Disappointed— Davido (@iam_Davido) September 3, 2019

This is response lacks intuition. Hope you are aware that innocent lives have been ended becuase they were escaping “suffer” I mean the same one their government saved your hero and people from in historical past. The same past that gave you this right to be “better”.— #ThisVectorSef (@VectorThaViper) September 3, 2019

Watch the video as Nigerians shops are burnt down in the xenophobia in South Africa
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