YAOUNDE: Pastor kills and buries 3 female Congregants!

A pastor in Yaounde whose names we got as Pastor Tadie Luc, is said to have killed and buried 3 female members of her congregation:

One of the victims, a certain Meguem Julienne, had gone missing since October this year, prompting her family to mount pressure on the said Pastor Tadie Luc, whom the girl had been frequenting.

The pastor finally succumbed to the heat and led the family to a cemetery on December 27, where he showed where he buried the young lady. Shockingly, the graves of two other young ladies–victims of the pastor– were uncovered.

The mortal remains of the three ladies were exhumed and families called for identification. Meantime, Pastor Tadie Luc is in detention.

Post credit: Ade Divine

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